3 Easy Ways to Beat the Summer Heat!

by Elizabeth Lewis

The summer sun is shining and it can hard to enjoy outdoor playtime without feeling the heat. Cool off the whole family with these fun water activities!


Head to the Lake

Here in our home state of Michigan, we have many beautiful lakes that are perfect for swimming in or boating on! Hopefully your area features some public lakes or ponds that you can enjoy too! Nothing beats a weekend up north at the lake house. Beaches and lakes allow for great activities like tubing behind the boat, waterskiing, wakeboarding, or just playing in the sand! You can find swimwear for all ages here!



Turn Your Yard into a Sprinkler Party!

There is something about summer and running through the sprinklers. There's no need to invest in anything fancy. All you need is a sprinkler hose attachment and you’ve got a great afternoon for the kids! Of course, you can always try out other fun products, like the classic slip and slide!



Find a Public Pool

Public pools are another source of water where you can cool the family off. There are plenty of public pools open during the summer if you live in a seasonal climate like we do here in Michigan! 

Safety first! Always keep an eye on the kiddos as they swim and play. Bright-colored swimsuits stand out and are easier to keep track of. We like the color schemes of this suit or this one.


No matter how you cool off this summer, don't forget to cherish these times and make fun memories. Summertime is perfect for families to spend time together!