4 Tips for Making Play Time Better!

by Elizabeth Lewis

Here are some tips to make "play time" even better!

Encourage Imagination

Imaginative play is essential for your child’s development. Encouraging them to explore their creativity through imagination is key. Princess Elsa probably doesn’t actually eat a McDonald’s, but let your child’s little imagination soar! Play time stories don’t need to make sense. Kids love to play house, or restaurant, or pretend to be a firefighter or a superhero! Allowing them to dress up in play time costumes makes their games even more real to them.


Have the Right Tools

Plenty of toys mimic everyday items for play. It’s not that you need to have a every utensil in your playhouse for your kids to pretend to cook in their kitchen, but having some accessories makes imaginative play much more engaging for them. Even small sets like this baking set is a great affordable option. One of our favorite companies is Melissa & Doug, who specialize in themed sets for imaginative play.

Get Involved!

Even when kids are in their own little world, you can still join them for play time. Kids rarely say no to having a few real patrons visit their imaginary restaurant. You can play along and make some good memories by sipping fake tea or politely tearing apart a Play-Doh cake.



Cherish This Time

We all know that kids don’t stay little forever. Eventually there will be a time where their pretend apron is tied on for the last time and they rarely look at their toys anymore. While they are still into it- enjoy it!