5 Tips for Getting Kids Ready in the Morning

by Elizabeth Lewis


Looking to avoid a chaotic morning rush in your household? Here are our five best tips to have you and your kiddos out the door on time, every time.


Pick Out Outfits the Night Before

Everybody cares about their outfits! That’s especially true for the little ones. Nobody wants to deal with a meltdown over the wrong t-shirt at 7am when you were supposed to be out the door by 6:45. Get the kids involved in their outfit selection. Try making it part of their routine to pick their clothes the night before and stick to those the next morning. (We love a good matching set to save even more time!)


Prep Breakfast in Advance

We all know about meal prepping for lunches and dinners, but meal prepping breakfast for your kids is another great way to save on time in the morning! There are fantastic, easy recipes out there for yummy grab and go breakfasts (tried, true, and kid-approved here and here) that you can toss in the microwave or just grab right out of the fridge if you’re sick of cereal. And for the kids that love to help you cook, this is a great way to let them practice without the time constraint on the day of!

Kid Friendly Dinner Set

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Get Yourself Ready First

There’s nothing worse than feeling like you can’t have five minutes to yourself to get dressed. We get it, sometimes your toddler is attached to your hip all morning. If possible, try blocking out the first part of the morning for you to get yourself ready first. Even if it’s just a new pair of leggings and a quick brush through your hair before it goes back up that’s one less person to worry about as the day begins!


Make a Checklist

Phone? Check!

Wallet? Check!

Keys? Check!

Making a checklist can save a lot of headaches as you’re walking out the door. For kiddos on their way to school, making a list of what they have to have each day is super helpful to make sure no one forgets their backpack! And if you’re looking for an art project on the weekends, get creative and make a chalkboard or whiteboard together to hang near your door. For kids that can’t read yet, use pictures!


Be Patient

When all else fails, some days you’re just going to be late out the door. That’s ok. Nobody is perfect! This is a great time to teach your kids how to manage frustration when things don’t go our way. Take this time to practice your own patience and focus on the day ahead instead of what went wrong. How we handle and respond to these situations sets an example for our children.

Let’s face it, there will be many more days in their lives where someone is late or something is forgotten, and showing our kids (and ourselves!) forgiveness and patience will go a long way.