Back to School in Style

by Elizabeth Lewis

Back to School Season is upon us! Are you and your students prepared? There are always plenty of items to remember to stock up on, so here's a handy list of things you can find here at Plaid Giraffe Children's Boutique!


Skirts, Dresses, and Leggings for the Girls!

One of the best parts of back to school shopping is all of the cute new outfits! You can make the most out of every purchase when you choose clothes that mix and match well. A lot of children’s clothes are sold in sets, but there’s no rule that says you have to wear the pieces together! We love a good legging set! Something like this adorable Milon set with patterned leggings and a neutral color scheme can go with a million things. We also carry plenty of skirt and dress options.



The Coolest Graphic Tees 😎

Kids love to express themselves by wearing their favorite graphic shirts to school! The Plaid Giraffe has all sorts of styles you can choose - from dinosaurs to airplanes to cats to flowers! See our full selection of shirts here.


Stock Up on School Shoes!

There are so many cute kid’s shoes out there! Something to consider for school, especially for kiddos who can’t tie laces yet, is to make sure that shoes have a Velcro or zipper closure for easy on and off without the frustration of laces. If you just love the look of a pretty bow, consider shoes like these super cute L’amour boots, that have a zipper so there’s no need to fix laces on the way out the door!


Plan Ahead for Rainy Days!

Choosing an outfit, packing backpacks and lunches, and finding both shoes the night before is a  great way to cut down on stress when you are trying to get to the bus or loaded into the car in the morning! It’s also a great opportunity to include your kiddo in picking their own items!