Gearing up for Snow!

by Elizabeth Lewis

Snow is on its way, and the kids will play! Prepare for the chill with our winter tips.


1. Get Ahead of The Game

Getting ready for winter can be a pain, especially if you’re expecting a lot of snow like we do here in Michigan. One of the best things you can do is prepare early- it saves you from digging out coats the first day it’s freezing! It’s also a good time to make sure that coats, jackets, gloves, scarves, and boots still fit. Sure, that coat might have been huge last year- but kids grow!


2. Save yourself the struggle

Speaking of winter wear, we love jackets like these that are super easy to get on and off! It cuts down on frustration getting out the door, and is perfect when you need to remove a layer for the best fit in the car seat!


3. Stock up on hats & gloves

No matter what, at some point this winter every child will return home missing a glove, a hat, or a scarf, with no idea what happened! Having multiple pairs is always a good idea, (if you need a head start, check out our accessories!) even if you always hold out hope that stray mitten will find its way back home!


4. Plan for time inside

As much fun as it is to play in the snow, there are some days where getting everybody out and dressed for only an hour outside doesn’t sound like a winter wonderland. A snowy day is a perfect time for a tea party, or curling up for your kiddo’s favorite movie!