Christening Outfits Can Be Hard to Find

by Elizabeth Lewis

Christening Outfits Can Be Hard to Find- Shop our Selection at the Plaid Giraffe

  • Christening outfits are keepsakes to last for generations! Choosing a high-quality item is important, and so is storage! Keepsake trunks are beautiful, but keeping these outfits in a sealed bag is even better.

    • Unlike daily wear, christening styles haven’t changed much in the last century or more. Long gowns are still popular choices and they photograph beautifully!

      • However if you’re not into the long look there are plenty of shorter, more causal options too! From vest outfits to stretchy dresses, easy is out there too!

        Accessories are a must! Bonnets often come matching with christening gowns, but other accessories like sweet ruffle socks or keepsake shoes are a great buy as well. Shop our extensive collection of Christening Outfits and accessories to ensure you capture those picture perfect moments. 
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