Get Set for Spring Break!

by Elizabeth Lewis

Get Set for Spring Break!

Whether it’s fun in the sun or an indoor pool here in chilly Michigan, swimwear is a spring break must! We have lots of fun options, but if your child will be outside, suits with rash guards are great for sun protection, especially for young babies. We love these adorable long-sleeved Hatley suits!

If you’re traveling, make a packing list beforehand (you can even ask your kids to help check things off!) and stick to it. It’s not always realistic, but packing more advance than the night before is also a great idea. If you don’t want little helpers, another great tip is to get packing after the kids go to bed.

Make air travel easier! One fun thing to do with your kids to keep them entertained on planes (or the car!) are surprise backpacks! Fill a small backpack with fun snacks, easy to contain toys, and a new book or two. Digging through to see what they got is half the fun (and more time occupied!). No peeking before the trip!

Day essentials look different for everyone, but a good starting list is to make sure you’re stocked on sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses. No one likes being priced-gouged buying a hat at the beach! More items to consider are a small first aid kit, a power bank, charging cords, and wet wipes! If you’re headed to the beach, consider taking some grocery bags as well- perfect for sandy towels or wet swimsuits!