Get Set for Summer Camp!

by Mary Lewis

Letting the kids go off on their own to summer camp isn't easy, but what IS easy is worrying about them!

"Do they have everything they need?" is a thought that you might have constantly while kids are away, but with this handy checklist you can ensure kids have everything they need to go to summer camp!


First on Your List: Swimsuits!

You can't enjoy swimming at summer camp without a swimsuit! If you’re like us here in Michigan, swimsuits are usually packed away until the summer, but don't forget about them! Make sure to pack one than more, and we suggest a variety of styles--especially for girls! If kids are heading to a sleep-away camp, it may be a good idea to go for swimsuits with rashguards/swim shirts. We all klnow kids won't be as diligent with the sunscreen without mom or dad nearby to remind them. If you're looking for swimsuits with rashguards or swim shirts, The Plaid Giraffe carries styles for girls and boys in lots of different options! Check out our selection now!


Plan outfits to move and play in!

Summer camp is all about fun! Chances are your kiddos are going to be running around with their new friends, and they’ll need outfits that are comfy to move in! A soft pair of shorts is a great option for girls and boys, and best of all, they are super easy to wash when they get home!


Summer Camp Essentials

Essential things to pack for summer camp include sunscreen, lip balm, hair ties, phone chargers if they're old enough to have their own phone, beach shoes, and sunglasses.


Other Smart Accessories

We suggest bringing multiple pairs of shoes, extra socks, and at least a jacket or sweater for cold nights. Depending on the camp, you'll want items like beach towels, empty grocery bags for wet items, and maybe a small first-aid kit with band-aids.