How to Keep Your Kids Busy During the Summer

by Elizabeth Lewis

Summer is nearly here, and we all know what that means: summer break from school and oftentimes very bored kids.

As much as kids seem to complain about school, it keeps them occupied and tires them out. Without classes in session, it’s easy for kids to go stir-crazy sitting at home. Crazy kids create crazy parents! So if you’re looking to keep you and your kids sane this summer, here are some ideas for keeping kids entertained!



Sprinkler in the Yard

You don’t have to do anything fancy to get kids to burn off their energy. If you’ve got the yard space, setting up a hose and sprinkler is one of the most entertaining things you can do for bored kids. Once it's set up, you would be amazed at how long kids will play with a sprinkler. Just be careful letting them run around on slippery grass. If you need new, fitting swimsuits, The Plaid Giraffe sells tons of styles for all ages and sizes! Shop swimsuits here:



Day Trip to a Local Destination

If you have the time, check out a local park or museum near you. It’s entertaining for everyone, takes up the majority of a day, and walking around is a good way to tire the kids out. Sometimes that’s all you need. The zoo is also an excellent place to go, and many have other interactive activities that keep kids entertained for longer. Your options may be limited to what is available around you. If a destination is reachable within a day and your kids are good with road trips, this can be a wonderful idea for the whole family. Find great clothing for outdoor activities at:



Look into Summer Camps

When I was raising my kids, I sent them to plenty of camps. My local community center had plenty of programs to choose from. Typically these kinds of camps vary in how many kids are together, what the camps are about, and how long they run. I personally never sent my kids to any overnight camps, but they are an option. This is especially nice for getting a short break if you need it!

If you’re like me and have kids who tend to be more comfortable sleeping at home, I’d recommend you look into your local community center. I also utilized a local nature center that did plenty of camps and activities during the summer, so look around and see what you can find! 



Toys & Games

A little boredom is good for kids, or at least I always thought so. Sometimes, you just have to let them make their own fun. That's where toys and games can help. Most of the toys we sell at The Plaid Giraffe are for stimulating imagination, whether it's puzzles, dress-up wear, or anything else! See our selection of toys and games at