Holiday Traditions

by Elizabeth Lewis

For those that celebrate holidays this time of year, there are so many traditions to take part in! Passing down those special moments to our kids is one of the joys of being a parent.

1. Traditions as Unique as Snowflakes

Most of us have fond holiday memories, and so many of those center around traditions that can vary from family to family. Some families watch a favorite movie every year, others wait eagerly for the Elf on the Shelf to appear, but for all of us what is important is that quality time with each other.

2. Dress to Impress

One of our favorite traditions is Christmas pajamas! So many families give pajamas on Christmas Eve, and it’s a super fun tradition that the whole family can participate in! Matching PJs are great for photos, but it’s also fun to pick a different set for everyone! There’s no rule that says they have to be Christmas themed, though we are partial to fun Holiday PJs like these Christmas Dog ones from Petit Lem.


3. Starting Young 

A great way to keep traditions going is to include your kids in them! Our family makes gingerbread cookies each year, and I’ve been decorating gingerbread men with chocolate chips and M&Ms since I can remember. Even though there’s potential for a huge mess (and, let’s face it, there always is where kids in the kitchen are concerned), building memories around these traditions keeps them around for generations to come.


4.Made from Scratch

Make your own! Sometimes, life changes require that we make adjustments to the things we’ve done year after year. Whether that’s blending families, a big move, or a change in schedule, it’s always possible to create new, even better family traditions. It doesn’t matter what you do for the holidays, or even when you celebrate. The times your kids will treasure forever are the times you spent together.