How To Help Your Child with Clothing Sensitivities

by Elizabeth Lewis

As parents and grandparents, we’ve seen a whole host of quirks when it comes to children and clothing. For some kids, certain types of fabrics, fits, or seams may be irritating and cause discomfort. No two children are alike, but over the years we’ve learned some tips and tricks when it comes to clothing sensitivities in kids. Here are a few that should make your life and theirs easier.


Understand Your Child’s Sensitivities

We’ve gone through it with our own kids. The best thing you can do is to pay attention to which sensations bother your child. Once you identify their triggers, you can implement changes that will make them more comfortable.


Buy Seamless & Tagless Clothes

Plenty of brands these days carry clothing that is tag free, and there are even sock companies that don’t have seams. But sometimes tagless clothes are not an option which is where a pair of scissors or a seam ripper come in handy.


Let Your Child Choose

Give your kid the ability to pick out their clothes and you may be surprised at the sense of control they gain and pride in what they wear! Don’t forget to try clothing on before purchasing it if your child regularly deals with clothing sensitivities.



Search for the Right Fabric Feel

While jeans or other heavier fabrics may feel fine to us adults, it’s possible that it feels rough on your child’s skin. Light, breathable fabrics that are softer on the skin are your best bet!


Buy Multiples

When you find clothing that your child truly feels comfortable in, stock up! You can even get multiple pairs in different sizes so that when your child hits a growth spurt, you won’t have to worry about finding new, comfy clothes for them.


Avoid Restrictive Clothing

Shirts that have collars, cuffs, or buttons may be too uncomfortable or overwhelming. Keep an eye out for your child pulling at their shirt collar, or avoiding putting on clothes with buttons. These may be signs that they are sensitive to these styles of clothing, or they may just need help dressing themselves when it comes to these features.



Find the Right Size

Everyone has their preferred fit when it comes to clothing - even kids! Depending on your child’s sensory needs you may want to size up in clothing so that it hangs looser on the body. However, some children may prefer a tighter fit to their body. In that case, invest in clothing that is tighter or fabric that offers more compression to the body.


Looking to outfit a child with clothing sensitivities?

The Plaid Giraffe Children's Boutique can help! You’re the expert when it comes to your child, but we’re happy to help you find the right clothing for their needs. Stop in today or shop online!