How to Pick a Showstopper Shower Gift!

by Mary Lewis

Gift opening time. Every baby shower eventually leads to this. Everyone crowds around the expecting mother-to-be has she opens the gifts, the audience ooh-ing and ahh-ing with each new item. As you watch, you can't help put pay attention to whom brought what. This is where the anxiety comes in. What will people think of your gift?

Lose the gift time anxiety! Here are our tips for picking out a great baby shower gift!

Skip Amazon and Shop Local!

If you want something that's truly unique and special, you won't find it on the front page results on Amazon. The best place to find a great baby shower gift is always your local children's clothing boutique. We're not saying you can't shop online, because many boutiques offer online buying options too! (Like us!)

Shopping at a local store also offers the additional value of dedicated customer service. At The Plaid Giraffe, all of our staff is knowledgeable about the clothes we carry, sizing, and accessories for every outfit, for every occasion. Everyone is kind, patient, and there’s nothing wrong with needing some help! Just ask, and our staff will lending a helping hand in finding the perfect shower gift! 



Shoot for a Size Up

Clothing is one of the most popular baby shower gifts, and for good reason. New babies need lots of clothing, and go through it quickly as they grow! Most clothing gifted at baby showers is sized for the 0-6 month range. While these sizes are teeny and adorable to us, sometimes the mom ends up with more outfits than baby can wear! Shopping for something 6-9 months or bigger might give the baby’s new wardrobe more longevity. 

One of our favorite brands for infants is Little Giraffe! Even their packaging is adorable. Check out their selection now.

Skip the Snaps

One clothing item that babies need lots of variety of is sleepers. You could gift this popular item, but we do recommend you opt for zippered ones or our new favorite, magnetic-latching sleepers from Magnetic Me!

There are a ton of cute snapped footies out there, but fighting with tiny snaps in the middle of the night is a small hell for new parents. They will thank you for skipping the snaps, trust us!



Mix it Up with Books, Toys and Accessories

While we love helping customers pick out outfits, there are other options you can take for your gift! We have an amazing selection of infant gifts, including bibs, books, teethers, crinkle toys, and more!

Blankets are a great go-to, and something a baby can use forever! Or give them their best friend with a little stuffed animal!



Get it Gift Wrapped

Did you know The Plaid Giraffe offers free gift wrapping?? We'd LOVE to help your gift stand out with our signature, hand-tied bows and of course a sticker and card to match!




Come Shop for Your Shower Today!

Don't wait too long to shop for your baby shower gift! Stop in our store in Midland or make your order online so it arrives in time, and don't forget to mention you want the free gift wrapping!