How to Settle Down for Bedtime

by Elizabeth Lewis

It's winter. The snow is falling and the nights are long. Don't you just want to cozy up by the fire? Chances are, the kids have no interest in such relaxing activities. They'd rather play and run around like kids do. So how do you settle them down for bedtime? Here are some of our tips for making bedtime run smoothly and getting kids to sleep.


The Right Pajamas Make a Difference

There’s a reason we see so many dinosaur pajamas and princess nightgowns--they make kids excited to put them on and get ready for bed! It makes bedtime a little smoother when little ones are looking forward to getting into their pajamas, so make sure they’re comfy too!


Pick Out A Good Bedtime Book

A story before bed is a great way to get your child in the right space to sleep, plus it also encourages reading. A super fun option we have here at the Plaid Giraffe are Books to Bed, which match a pair of PJs with a new book to read!



Snuggle Up with Stuffed Toys

Nighttime can be scary for young children. We’ve all known a little one who’s afraid of the dark! Help them feel safe and secure with a stuffed toy, maybe one that’s a favorite animal or even a baby doll! Having a friend by their side might make it a little easier for them to fall back asleep in the event they wake up a little frightened.


Make the Most of These Bedtimes

While getting kids ready for bedtime can be a headache, don't forget to enjoy these times! Getting to snuggle up with your child with a good book and their favorite stuffed toy is so sweet and those days don’t last forever! Enjoy it while you can, and your kids will too.