Ideas for One on One Time With Each of Your Kids

by Elizabeth Lewis

Everyday life can get so fast paced and hectic. Then before you know it your child is all grown up! That’s why setting aside time to give your kiddo individual attention is so important. It’s instrumental in building and maintaining a healthy relationship with them. Here are a few fun ways to strengthen your parent child bond.


Play Pretend

Young children love to use their imaginations to play and it's a crucial part of growing up.

So join them in the land of make believe! Get on their level and start building Legos or playing with some dolls.


Make Art

Breaking out the arts and crafts supplies is the perfect way to spend some time and give individual attention to your child. There are lots of great suggestions online for activities! Make some greeting cards for the grandparents or collaborate on a nice family portrait.




Read one of your child’s favorite books aloud to them. Not only does snuggling up for storytime grow the bond between you and your child, it also helps to develop their brain! A trip to your local bookstore or library to select a new book would be a fun addition to your one on one time.



Cook Together

Certainly some kids' interest in the kitchen is greater than others! But it’s a great skill to learn and makes for a fun activity! Spend time together making some delicious spaghetti and garlic toast or whip up some brownies for dessert!


Play Games

Does your child have a favorite board game or video game? Set aside some time to dive into one of their treasured hobbies. That could mean building together in Minecraft or playing a few rounds of Candyland.



Date Night

A one on one date with your kiddo is sure to make them feel extra special. An outing to a movie, dinner, or the zoo are all fantastic places to start.