It’s a Zoo Here!

by Mary Lewis

Here at The Plaid Giraffe, we love all things animal-print! Check out some of the fabulous animal-themed products we offer.


Books of Beasts!

Animal books are always a popular choice by parents and kids alike! From classics like M is for Mitten, to fun touch and feel books like Night Night, Dino-snores, you’re sure to find a book about your child’s favorite animal they’ll want to read over and over again



Stuffed Pets and Critters!

Teddy bears are always what come to mind when we think of stuffed toys! But nowadays just about any animal you can think of has  a stuffed counterpart. We carry everything from chickens to lemurs to even guinea pig toys, but of course here at the Plaid Giraffe, we are partial to our namesake! 



Animal Prints!

Animal print comes and goes in and out of style, but certain prints like leopard stay timeless! That being said, we love an unexpected animal print like these adorable ladybugs or this fun fishing footie!



Wild Accessories!

Adorable animals are always a popular style for infant accessories! Rattles, like these best-selling Zubels, make a super cute add-on to a baby gift and come in so many different styles! We also carry fun animal items like these super soft bandana bibs, and kid-approved dinosaur plates!