Making Birthdays Even More Special!

by Elizabeth Lewis

Birthdays only come once a year, and your child's earliest birthdays are meant to be a source of everlasting memories for you, the parent! Make the most of these early birthdays with our tips.


1. A Special Day Needs a Special Outfit!

No birthday is complete without a special birthday outfit! This doesn’t have to be birthday themed, (of course, we are partial to shirts like these), but it could be. Or just let your kiddo wear whatever they want! It’s ok if they want to spend the entire day in their superhero gear or a princess dress- chances are they’ll want to change into regular clothes later on anyway!


2. Gifts Are Always Fun

Birthday gifts are so much fun to shop for! Toys, games, and books are all great places to start, but clothes can make a great gift too, especially if there’s a favorite animal or color involved. You can’t go wrong with a twirly dress or pretty tea set.


3. Shop the day away

Maybe we’re a little biased, but a trip out shopping is another fun way to celebrate! Here at the Plaid Giraffe, we’re delighted to see you and your kiddo, and even happier to help you shop for a birthday present, and of course, send you home with a balloon or two!


4. Take Photos or Video!

Even if your child has school or daycare, or you can’t spend much of the day with them make a special point to do something for them, if that’s making their favorite dinner or even picking up cupcakes together, that totally works too! What makes it memorable is the time you spend together.