Motivating Kids to Clean Their Room

by Elizabeth Lewis

We’ve all been there - you peek into your child’s room to see what they’re up to and it looks like a tornado has swept through the place. It can be frustrating, but instilling in them the importance of tidying their room early will pay dividends in the future and teach them a very important life skill! Here are a few strategies to help teach your kids to clean up.


Give Clear Directions

We’re not born with an intrinsic ability to understand what does and doesn’t constitute a clean room. Giving clear directions on what you expect will ensure you’re all on the same page. Make up a checklist with the most important tasks that can be crossed off such as: Make bed, put toys in storage chest, and place all dirty clothes in the hamper.



Help Them!

Especially with younger children or if you’re just introducing chores, pitching in with them to get the job done will alleviate the anxiety of tackling it on their own. Ask them questions about where they think things should go and reward their successes.


Instill a Sense of Pride

Communicating the importance of cleaning their room, as well as doing other household chores helps to give your child a sense that they’re contributing to the family! If you show a sense of pride in your own belongings and always have a positive attitude toward chores, it’ll be sure to rub off on the little ones!


A Place for Everything

Labeling bins and baskets will go a long way in helping your children to understand that everything has its place. Clean up time will go a lot faster, too!



Assign Age Appropriate Chores

Yes, it’s a bit obvious but there are just certain chores a toddler wouldn’t be able to accomplish that an older child could. There are also chores that a toddler can complete with a bit of patience and supervision like dusting or making their bed.


Learning to Play and Pick Up!

Looking for rewards you can give them for their good learned behaviors? We have all types of dress-up outfits that are great for imaginative playtime. You can even dedicate a small section of their closet for dress-up clothes and teach them to hang their clothes back up when they’re finished having fun.