Packing for Family Vacations

by Elizabeth Lewis


It's the night before a big family vacation. Nobody is prepared. You're running around making sure you, dad, and all of the kids  have all of their clothing, hygiene essentials, proper shoes for the trip, and everything they'll need for the car or plane ride! Sound familiar? 

Family vacations come with enough stress, so follow these tips for packing for family vacations and things should go easier for everyone!


Pack Well In Advance

Packing the night before or the day-of a trip is a sure way to arrive at Disney World missing your Minnie ears! Try preparing suitcases out a week in advance- it may seem like a long time, but chances are you and the kiddos have enough clothes to have some packed and still have outfits to wear leading up to your vacation. Packing ahead saves you from the "night before chaos."


Make A List

Make a packing list and check it twice! It's not overkill. When you're going over your items, it helps to have a list to remember what you're supposed to remember. There are plenty of online templates you can use, like this one.




Use Packing Cubes

When it comes to actually packing, Packing Cubes are a lifesaver, especially if you are packing for multiple kids in one suitcase! Assign a color for everybody to keep things organized and separate. You just might find you can fit a lot more in those carry-ons!. Bring an empty bag or two for laundry, too, that way you can separate clean and dirty clothes during your trip.


Try Clothes On BEFORE You Leave!

If your kids love a fashion show, this is a great opportunity! Picking outfits is sometimes all you need. This step is especially important if you are travelling somewhere out of season. You may not have worn those clothes in awhile or at all yet. Empower kids to help choose their own clothes too!


Bring Activities for the Ride

Whether you are flying or driving, having things to do on the journey there (or in the hotel room) is essential. A great trick is to pick out some special things that are for the trip only! That could be special snacks, toys, or puzzles & books to keep the little ones entertained!



Have Fun!

Even if not quite everything makes it into the suitcase or backpack, that's what convenient stores exist for when you've reached your destination. As long as you have everyone accounted for and you're not having a Home Alone situation! Our biggest piece of advice is to HAVE FUN and make some memories because those precious family times won't last forever! Make the most of your parenthood journey.