Tips for Surviving the Terrible Twos

by Elizabeth Lewis

Everyone has learned to dread the "Terrible Twos," but are they even real? Two-year-old children are learning more about their desires but still struggle to express them and follow rules. This being said, age 2 doesn't have to be a struggle!

Here are our suggested toddler essentials that will help you get through this period of their life.


Get Them Curious about the World with Learning Toys

Toddlers are super curious about their world! One of the best ways to help them learn is through toys! From dress up clothes, to playsets, to puzzles, there are so many options out there to fit your little one’s interests. We love Melissa & Doug puzzles for their bright colors and durable wood designs. Or, a new favorite of ours are Green Toys. These recycled plastic toys are better for the environment while still being high-quality and fun!


Stock Up on Toddler Eating Essentials

Toddlers don’t exactly have the fine motor skills we do. As any parent knows, a lot of their meal is bound to end up on the floor. Plates moving around while toddlers try and grab food can frustrate them and cause tantrums. We recommend a solution that suctions to a high chair or table, like these EZPZ mats. They're even dishwasher safe! Of course, bibs are also a good idea to keep toddlers cleaner after mealtime. We love these fun ones from Bella Tunno for the catch-all pouch.


Have Backups of Comfy Clothes

Toddlers are built to move! Help them out by picking soft, comfy, and durable clothes! Choose materials like bamboo cotton for their softness and easy care! Patterns are also great for disgusting the mystery stains your toddler acquires throughout the day.


Opt for Easy On, Easy Off

You control their wardrobe, so choose clothes that don’t have finicky buttons, clasps, or zippers! Pull-on styles are going to save you and your little one many a tantrum! We even have Velcro jackets for the winter for easy on and off in and out of car seats!