Travel Tips For Summer Vacation

by Elizabeth Lewis

Summer vacation is just around the corner! Here are our favorite tips for traveling.


  1. Pack smart

Packing smart doesn’t just mean you remember to grab everything, but also how you put things in the bag. Packing cubes are a great solution for this! They are especially helpful for packing for multiple kids in one suitcase- assign each kid a color and never mix up outfits or dig through piles again!

  1. Overpack

If you’re flying it might be tempting to take as little as possible to reduce those baggage fees, but if there’s one thing we know about kids it’s that they are messy! Extra outfits for young children especially are a must. And if you’re travelling with baby make sure you pack extra for yourself in your carry-on! Nobody wants to do an hours-long travel day with paper-towel blotted spit-up on their shirt.

  1. Divide and Conquer

Speaking of airplanes, if you’re traveling with a car seat or kids who are too young to want to sit still, have one parent board first with the seat or your overhead bag to get situated and then bring the kids on. It might seem counter-intuitive to not take advantage of early boarding but save yourself the struggle of wrangling your overtired toddler while you wait half an hour for everyone to get on! Try boarding with the last group!

  1. Check What You Can

Nobody likes waiting at baggage claim- on the other hand chasing your toddler through the airport with your luggage and theirs is even worse. If you have layovers, try to pack in a bag you can wear! And same goes for your kids. Themed roller bags are all fun and games until the adults are dragging all the suitcases trying to navigate a crowd!

  1. Do Your Best

As much as you try to prepare, traveling can be hard with kids! If you end up that parent trying to calm their crying baby the whole flight, it’s okay. You can only do your best, and what matters the most is that you get to your destination safely!