What Fabric Suits What Children’s Activity Best

by Elizabeth Lewis

Dressing children up in cute clothes is one of life’s greatest joys. Who can resist the urge to pick up an adorable outfit for a baby or toddler? If you’ve never given thought to what fabrics are best suited for certain occasions here are a few things to consider.




Your rambunctious child is sure to work up a sweat - and a little mess - on the playground. Cotton is a good fabric for playtime because it’s lightweight, breathable, soft, and durable. A bonus is that cotton is one of the easiest fabrics to wash and dry! Polyester and spandex fabrics are also a good option for playwear that not only offers a lightweight feel, soft texture, and breathability but also has moisture-wicking properties and a great stretch. However, you should know that synthetic fabrics do tend to foster more bacteria growth (think stink!) than natural fabrics.




The best fabric to tuck your child in with at night depends on the season. For warmer nights, cotton sleepwear will help to keep their skin cool. It’s also lightweight and breathable, but has enough stretch that your child won’t feel confined. For colder nights, flannel is a great thick fabric that offers warmth and coziness. Fleece can also work as sleepwear, but take into account that it is synthetic and doesn’t offer as much breathability as all natural flannel would.



Warm Weather

You guessed it! Cotton is a great fabric for kids during warmer months due to its light, soft, and breathable nature. Another fantastic fabric to beat the heat is linen. It offers a lot of air flow which is perfect for high temperatures, and it’s lightweight and durable just like cotton.


Cool Weather

Both fleece and flannel are known for their ability to keep in the heat, so they make good fabrics when it comes to keeping your child warm. Both fabrics are excellent for layering or outerwear and most importantly are cozy and soft.


Looking for the right fabrics?

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