Why Shop Boutiques For The Holidays

by Elizabeth Lewis

The holidays are here, and for many families that means it's time to shop, shop, shop! But among the fast trends and cheap deals, it's easy to stock up on clothing that ends up as waste. That's why why it might not hurt to spend a little more time and money shopping at a children's clothing boutique. After all, that’s what makes The Plaid Giraffe unlike any big chain store! Here's a few more reasons to shop with us:


#1: Children's Clothing Needs to be Durable!

First off, our clothing is not going to tear apart during playtime so easily. If you want your kids to wear it more than once this season, you want it to be clean. Our clothing lasts through wash after wash. And if you’ve got several kids, this is especially helpful for handing down dress wear through the siblings! Nothing wrong with a little reusing, but that can only happen if the clothes look good enough. Our finest dresses can often last decades if properly cared for, and it’s not unheard of them being passed down from generation to generation.



#2: Our Clothing is Truly Unique.

Unlike when you shop from a chain store, our clothing isn't all the same.  We update our selection with every season each year. We do carry some more traditional designers whose styles stay tried and true throughout the year, like baptism gowns, suits and more. But for everyday wear, styles change and there’s nothing wrong with keeping up with them! If you want something truly different or unique, then a boutique is what you need. We’re fortunate enough to have plenty of inventory despite all the shipping problems this year. Everyone loves options!



#3: Don't Shop Alone! Let Our Staff Guide You.

Third, we can help! All our staff is knowledgeable about the clothes we carry, sizing, and accessories for every outfit, for every occasion. Everyone is kind, patient, and there’s nothing wrong with needing some help! Just ask, and we’re all willing to lend an ear or a hand in finding something perfect for your kids. Plus, we offer free gift wrapping for all full price items, so there’s no need to worry about making a mess with wrapping paper and tape.



#4: We Wouldn't Sell It If We Didn't Love It.

Fourth, everything is hand picked. We go to market, digitally or otherwise, every year, for every season. We only buy what we love, and what we know you’ll love! Our vendors are reliable, high quality, and unique, just for you.



#5: Support Your Small, Local Businesses!

Finally, your support for The Plaid Giraffe is supporting a small and local business that relies on people like you. Those who go the extra mile with that holiday spirit! Twenty years later, and our customers are still the most important aspect our business and what we do. We can’t survive without you, and we'd love to keep serving our customers for years to come.


Ready to shop online for holiday clothing. We can help you find great gifts for kids from newborn to tweens. Shop the most unique children’s boutique now at https://plaidgiraffechildrensboutique.com/pages/childrens-christmas-clothing