Receiving amazing, unique clothing each month is as easy as 1-2-3.

Complete Your Style Profile Quiz

1Our short quiz helps our stylists understand your child’s sizing, preferences and attitude. This way our experts can handpick clothing that’s perfect for them--no algorithms or pre-built boxes!

Receive Box and Try On Clothes

2You pay just a $20 styling fee, which covers your stylist’s expertise and time. Great clothing is delivered to your door and you try on each look to see what will work.

Keep Only What You Love

3Return any unfitting or unwanted clothing with an easy, pre-paid return label. You’re only charged for the items you choose to keep. Your $20 styling fee is credited towards any items you keep!

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How Pricing Works

Paying for your Plaid Giraffe Boutique Box is as simple as A-B-C.

The Styling Fee

AEach box has a $20 styling fee that is charged when the stylist begins the process of selecting your pieces--but the $20 is credited towards anything you decide to buy.

Only Pay for What You Keep

BAny items that don’t work for you can be returned easily with our included return label. You have 15 business days from the date of shipment to return your unwanted items.

When You’re Charged

CAfter 15 business days from when you receive your box, you are charged for any of the items you chose to keep, crediting the $20 styling fee toward your purchase. There is no penalty for choosing to return items.

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What can I expect in my box?

Your box will contain at least 5 items that can be combined to make different outfits, a letter explaining how the items go together, a feedback sheet for returns, exchanges or anything else you would like to tell us, and a prepaid return label for items you don’t keep.

How much will my box cost?

Every box will be different, depending on what you decide to keep, return or exchange. 

What is the styling fee?

We are a boutique, and every box is styled by an actual person using the quiz answers and your feedback. If you keep any item the $20.00 design fee will be deducted from the total.

How do I return the items I don’t want?

Use the same box your order came in and the mailing label inside the box and either give your box to your mail carrier or take it to the post office to be sent back to The Plaid Giraffe.

How long do I have to return unwanted items?

You have 10 days from the day you receive your box to put unwanted items in the mail.

What if I need a different size?

Please fill out the feedback sheet included in your subscription box. This will tell us if you would like to exchange anything for a different size, the reason you are returning items and what you are keeping. All this information will help us do a better job filling your box!