Getting Ready for Summer

by Elizabeth Lewis

Ready or not, summer is already here! The transition from spring to summer is especially extreme in Michigan, so here’s some things to keep in mind as the weather gets warmer. 


#1. Make Sure You Have Fitting Summer Clothing

If you plan on going anywhere for summer, be sure to check what’s ahead with the weather. You want to be prepared in case of cold or warm weather! It’s also a good idea to have kids try on their old summer clothes. Last year's summer clothes might be too small, and it’s so much better finding this out at home rather than on vacation! The Plaid Giraffe Children's Boutique has plenty of summer merchandise available, so if you find your kids strapped for fitting clothes, come visit us!

#2. Plan Activities to Entertain the Kids

As we explained in this blog, the summer can be a difficult time when kids are stuck at home and bored. The answer is to keep them entertained! You don't need to plan a big vacation, simply look for local attractions around you. 

#3. Be Prepared to Be Outdoors!

Are your kids prepared to spend time outdoors? Does everyone have sunglasses or a sunhat? How about beach towels and a bag to carry everything you need? There are plenty of summer weather accessories to make the outdoors more enjoyable. Find swimsuits here!



Have a fun and safe summer! Just remember that as long as you do your best everyday, that’s all anyone can really ask for!