Why You Should Shop at A Boutique

by Elizabeth Lewis


In our previous blog (which you can read here: https://plaidgiraffechildrensboutique.com/blogs/the-plaid-giraffe-blog/why-shop-boutiques-for-the-holidays), I talked about why choosing a boutique for holiday shopping is an excellent idea. One of those main reasons I discussed was the professional shopping guidance of a boutique clothing store’s staff, which I want to explore more deeply in this blog.


What’s the Secret Weapon? An Amazing Staff!

Listen, I’m a sucker for online shopping, but there’s nothing quite like shopping in person, and there’s nothing quite like shopping at a boutique.

You can go to any big box store and find what you might be looking for, but good luck finding any good help to guide you there. And even if you do find someone who knows what they’re talking about, that’s few and far between.



To me, that is the biggest reason I prefer to shop with smaller businesses. The prices may be slightly higher, but it’s worth it when you get what you pay for. The staff at boutiques are what make or break the experience and I’d be willing to put the staff of The Plaid Giraffe up against any other team in the world in terms of helpfulness, experience, and general politeness.


Our Staff is So Helpful

One of the biggest things that always seems to amaze me about my staff is how insanely helpful they are, and how willing they are to go the extra mile. The past few years have been rough for everyone, and our staff has really stepped up to the plate and set a prime example for what a boutique should be: a place to get helpful advice on what you’re buying, and how you buy it. Many of our customers are older and more nervous than ever to shop in person, and we understand that. Not all of our customers feel comfortable shopping online, but our staff is here to help. Whether it’s guiding someone through the online store, or working as a personal shopper so that they don’t have to worry about coming indoors, our boutique’s staff is willing to help.



Our Staff’s Diverse Backgrounds

Another thing that I love about our staff is the diverse background everyone has. Almost everyone has kids or at least experience with kids, ranging from raising their own to babysitting. But other than our common interest in children, everyone comes from different backgrounds. Some of our ladies have been in the business for forty years, others came to us after working in a more corporate setting. What really matters is they are all incredibly helpful.



So, the next time you wonder about shopping at a boutique and think that maybe you might want to stop in, remember the staff that serves you. They are what make it worth it, and our staff is what makes us the Most Unique Children’s Boutique! https://plaidgiraffechildrensboutique.com/